Masters Training of teresa

My training of the wonderful transvestite slave teresa

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

May 24th 2006

Just as an update, teresa has been in contact, but cannot still be a full time slave as before at the moment, still going through the problems with her girlfriend at the moment, but it seems to be getting a little better.
I am now a yahoo 360 member, if anyone viewing this blog wants to check Me out they can find Me listed as Kevan M in the 360 profile finder. Lots more info there.

Hopefully there will be more news about myself and teresa soon.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Its been a while

Hello Everyone,

Well some of you who look at the site might be saying it has been a while since the last post. And you would be right! There has been a lot of complications and developments over the past couple of months, none of them resolved as of yet.

Firstly, My slut teresa, has now moved back in with her longtime partner Miss Sarah, now as some of you may recall, Miss Sarah is not exactly OK with My converstion of her man into a shemale whore. So we are taking this a little more slowly, the trouble is the more slower we take it, the more work I am going to have to do with teresa as she is slacking in her training and as most of you Masters and Mistresses know out there, mind control is all about persistance and continued training of the subject, reinforcing the patterns already planted and ensuring trigger words are up to date. Well, over Christmas ....

By the way Happy New Year and Christmas to you all (I know its mid January, but to make up for it, Happy Easter)

..... I was not able to contact teresa for nearly a month due to our shifts, colds and her moving out, so it was a shock when I discovered, how much damage had been done. Needless to say, I will have to do some serious work on her as soon as I can to keep her up to date and well controlled.

On one good note, Miss Sarah loves the chastity idea, she is now the key holder of the sluts padlocks, a step in the right direction! I have informed teresa also of a new regeime that she is to do around Miss Sarah's, namely, she is to start doing all the Housework, washing, cooking, cleaning, etc, As I have said to her, Ok Miss Sarah may not be a Domme, but, it does not mean you can not be a maid to her. teresa thought this over and agreed that she could quite easily take on the chores of the house, as I then indicated, one thing will lead to another, start slow, but soon, Miss Sarah will have a small Domme streak in her, ensuring that teresa does do all those things, leaving her to rest, relying on her more and more to do things, also bathe Miss Sarah, massgae her if possible, pamper her at every opportunity, Ok the female clothing can not be worn at home, except of course the panties and stockings, but she can still wear them to work and back and when she is away on a remote visit with work, then she can be teresa all day!

Anyway, as soon as we do have more sessions and information to post we will, until then, we shall see.....

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Master Kevan

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29th November

Well, its been quite a while now since teresa has served Me, just to let you know what is going on, she is on Holiday, annoying really as I so do want to put her through another training session! But, she deserves a break every so often, it helps her to remain fresh and ready to really serve Me when she gets back, because she is normally as desperate as what I am to fall at My feet.

Before she left, hopefully she will have recieved a set of instructions that will keep her under control for her long drive and act as a good distraction to the journey, he he, I say hopefully, because it was a surprise journey we only had a brief Email chat before she left as she had only just got back from one of her remote jobs and her flatmates sprung the surprise on her. But I will know within the next few days when she is back if she got them, oh I do hope so, will serve her right for keeping Me waiting.

Ho hum, but I certainley have a few more interesting things lined up for her further education.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

11th November

At last a good session, teresa has been suffering with the dreaded cold for the past few days, so it was nice to have her back to fully working order. Of course, she suffered somewhat for leaving Me wanting over the past week!

she was dressed as a real slut! Blonde wig, see through black blouse, stockings and boots with a mini skirt, some heavy make up, what a tart she has become. First she gave Me such a session, really laid on an erotic pose, giration and the bent over, pulled her skirt up, NO panties, a real slut!! she then proceeded to frig herself bent like that. Enough was enough, she had to be seen too.

Over the chair and a good punishment session for her sluttish behaviour, spanked, paddled, caned and then dressage whip, she was in tears. The best way for a slave to be.

Then into the isolation cage, for some sensory depravation, once of course she was properly adorned. 2 sets of clamps, deep heat and pegs on her sluttish balls, spiked sheath and parachute tied to her spreader bar and weighted, posture collar and head harness. Yes a proper pose and site.

Whilst she was in her isolation, a couple of mind training packages and then some personnal training instructions as well. Apart from a small glitch with the microphone not bad.

Finally released, she was placed on the floor, told how good she was, then after I gave her a reward, she was told to start some releif for herself, well she had been good, however, what did she do! Completed after only a couple of strokes, WITHOUT permission! STUPID slut.

Well needless to say she then recieved some really humiliating punishment, after listening to her plead for a good 10 minutes, I decided that she had recieved enough, but she will definatley not be recieveing any more rewards for a few days or maybe weeks now!

she was left to fix herself back into chastity for quite a while, clean up and perform her late tasks, hopefully she has had enough training to remind her that I can also be quite a strict Master and not, just a nice guy sometimes. We shall see.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

1st November

Well if you are reading this and wonder whats going on, the answer is nothing at the moment. Due to both our work commitments, we are missing each other this week. I am working very early in the morning, whilst teresa is working till late in the evening. VERY annoying, but we get the odd week like this, luckily not that often.

So most of the instructions are being left by Mail at the moment, however teresa is getting lax in her replies, will have to correct her stupidity later this week. Hopefully will be able to work on her either late Friday evening, after Guy Fawkes celebrations are over mid evening and then Saturday morning, before a Saturday evening session. We shall see.

Friday, October 28, 2005

27th October

teresa is back. she seems more obediant than ever! she has completed her remote tasks well!

Apparently, she signed into the Hotel she stayed in for the past 3 days as teresa, she arrived, in full dress, make up as a proper shemale should. she then performed her tasks well, ensuring she maided her own room and made it nice and clean, then in the evening she went shopping for a short list of goods. No problems there! Fantastic, as she said it was exciting, a little nervous, but more and more confidant as she realised no one was even watching.

Tonight, she put some of the purchases to use, she began the first part of a new training regieme. Tampon training. Fantastic, she indicated it felt weird, humiliating, but it felt good. she has been ordered to wear a tampon all day at work today, apart from when she takes her dildo into the toilets and masturbates, she is to wear it deep in her pussy, then of course change the tampon after her play with the dildo. It will be interesting to see how she does and how many she uses. Of course this is only the start of her training with these items.

I am hoping that we will be able to increase her humiliation tonght. We shall see.

Monday, October 24, 2005

23rd October

Quite a productive two days. teresa could not stay at her hotel for the weekend, so she came back, which is great because it means we can do some more work on her final alterations.

A great thing happened on Saturday night, which pleased Me a lot, she asked firstly if she could start looking at hormone therapy to help improve her looks, I gave her permission to look, we shall see what she finds on this. Also she asked Me when we was going to meet. Well that was a shock, considering that a couple of days previous she had said No to a meeting as she was still smarting from her problems with Miss Sarah, well I said we would look into it. Trouble is at the moment we have builders in and as she is a maid, getting to the kitchen is vital, but hopefully they should be finished in a couple of weeks, so I am checking dates with her.

All her other training is going well, she haas been given instructions on what to do over the next few days whilst she is away on buisness.

she will be checking into her hotel, as teresa, driving around doing some shopping, I have told her that she is to visit the local supermarket, one of the main chain stores and a big one, she is to buy some condoms, panty liners, tampons, and a treat for herself, but she is also to buy some KY, but she will have to ask an assistant where it is, she will not be able to find it. It will be interesting to hear how she got on with this.

Hopefully things will go well and I shall be able to report back her interesting trip later this week. There will be no more reports untill Friday earliest as she is away till Thursday Evening.